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“I Never Invited Castro’s Parents” - Prophet One

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Rev. Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom has said the fetish priests and spiritualists claiming to know the whereabouts of the missing hip-life musician, Castro and his friend Janet, who seemingly drowned some eight days ago, are bluffing.

He advised families of the affected persons to seek the face of God if they genuinely want to unravel the mystery behind the duo’s disappearance.

“The God who created Castro and his friend Janet is the same God who created the river, lake or sea into which everyone is saying Castro and Janet are missing; so I wonder why we do not run to God to seek answers about things involving his creation, but we are running to fetish priests who do not have
any power over the river and also do not have any power over the lives of Castro and Janet. This was the simple truth I said and people are insulting me that I have invited Castro’s parents to come to me for Castro’s whereabouts,” Opambour, leader of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre, told NEWS-ONE in Kumasi just before his Sunday church service yesterday.

Below is the first part of the interview that also touched on the current economic situation in Ghana and Archbishop Duncan Williams’ recent prayer for the Cedi.

What is wrong with consulting fetish priests and spiritualists over Castro?

It is true the river has a spirit and the sea also has a spirit but the Spirit of God is stronger than those spirits and the answer of what has happened to Castro and Janet in the river is a very simple thing for God because unlike the fetish priests who would go to the river and give it a drink, goats and other things before they seek permission to know where Castro is, God would not beg the spirit of the river for answers.

God knows the secrets and mysteries of the rivers and seas and God only has to speak and it is final. God only has to command that the bodies should appear. No river or sea or dead body or living being can refuse an order from God.

God is the overall boss and mightier than all the spirits, so if we want the answers to the mysteries of the waters and their spirits, we have to run to God. All the others cannot help with solutions. Even a Prophet of God who decides to speak about this matter without first hearing from God, would also not be able to tell anything.

Is that why you said Castro’s family should come to you?

What I said was that if the families of the affected persons have forgotten that God is still in the miracle business or if out of the initial shock and panic, they forgot about the power of God and decided to look elsewhere for help, I am reminding them that God should have been the first point of contact and it is not too late for them to go to God with their requests.

So if they overlooked this basic fact of life, then they should take a review of their position and seek help from the right sources but not persons who do not have authority over Castro’s life or even authority over the rivers. So they should run to God and stop relying on the knowledge of men or the rituals of fetish priests.

If you knew Castro’s whereabouts, would you make it public or invite his family?

God is not a one-way God. He is not predictable. He can reveal something and tell his prophets to make it public and there are times God tells you to tell only the person to whom the prophesy concerns.

When I stood in my church and said God has told me Ghana would score Zambia and score Egypt, I paid for those prophesies to be aired on Metro TV because it was a message for the nation and when it happened, the nation gave the glory to God.
Prophecies meant for specific people are not treated that way. I invite the specific persons to the house of God and tell them in private.

If God shows me anything about Castro the same God will give me directions on how to handle that revelation and if I do not listen to the direction of God, I will not be doing the will of God.

If you are a prophet of God and you are always eager to speak before hearing from God, you will lose your anointing and calling. God’s ways are varied and different. There are times God shows you something about someone but asks you to shut up and wait for the person to be ready to hear from God.

To be continued.

Source: News One


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