Friday, 6 June 2014

13 Year Old Boy Impregnates A Beautiful Woman He Met Online

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"A Glendale woman is accused of having a s*xual relationship with a 13-year-old boy and getting pregnant for him. Anna Areola-Hernandez is facing charges of s*xual conduct with a minor, child molestation, unlawful age misrepresentation, and an adult posing as a minor for a sexual conduct.

In February, the boy's mother alerted police about the relationship. She told investigators that Areola- Hernandez gave her son a s*xually transmitted disease.

During a confrontation call set up by police, Areola-Hernandez told the victim's mother that she was pregnant with the victim's baby. Police have not said if Areola-Hernandez is actually pregnant. When police took Areola-Hernandez into custody and questioned her she denied having a relationship with the boy but
later admitted they had s3x and she told him she was 15 years old.
Watch the video below:

According to police, Areola- Hernandez met the boy at Desert Sky Mall in Phoenix and later contacted him on Facebook." -


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