Saturday, 11 May 2013

asem’s ‘wasted’ is a wasted song - bull dog

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Bull Dog, Chief Executive of Bull Haus Entertainment has taken a swipe at the controversial hip life artiste Asem calling his ‘Wasted’ track a “Wasted Song.”

In an interview with NEWS ONE, Bull Dog noted that he believes the track is a good song which Asem failed to promote well.

“The song is a good song. It was a fun track and can also be considered as a track that releases stress, but Asem did not push it to where it was supposed to go.

He did not follow it up so he wasted the song, “BullDog told the paper.

Asem’s ‘Wasted’ song talks about how some celebrities, including himself, enjoy the night life in Ghana by partying and ‘boozing’ heavily.

Most people wait till the working calendar ends on Friday to have fun but Asem stated in his song that he and his crew do not have to wait till it is Friday before they have fun.

“We party all day and night and if we do not get things our way, we start a fight. We don’t have to wait till Friday to get wasted.

We are drunk all day and drunk all night because life is good and life is alright.

Some people don’t live the life they love and they don’t love the life they live,” a line in the ‘Wasted’ track stated.

Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson who is known in show business as Bull Dog is currently the manager of dancehall artiste Natural Face and hip life group VIP.

He is also the brain behind the celebrated BASS Awards for reggae and dancehall musicians.


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