Tuesday, 12 March 2013

gays and lesbians hook-ups high on the internet in ghana

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Gay and Lesbian hook-ups is flourishing in Ghana and gradually gaining grounds. The practice has taken over sites meant for straight hook-up connections due to the increased advent of internet social networks such as Facebook and Twitter among others.

Interestingly, there are lots of Gay and Lesbian hook-ups and dating pages specifically opened by Ghanaians for Ghanaian Gays and Lesbians to find their match and probably hookup to others of the same interests and social preference.

On our expeditions on Facebook and Twitter social net works, as we randomly search, we came across lively and well patronized pages for Gays and Lesbians. Memberships on the various pages run from 200 to 3000 depending on which pages appear more interactive. The following are some Ghanaian friendly Gay and lesbian pages on social networks Facebook and Twitter; Gay hookups, Gay Ghana Lounge, Gay Ghana Hood, Azonto Family, Gay and Lesbian dating in Ghana, Gay Ghana and Gay teens Ghana, among others, all pages opened and were dedicated to homosexual relationships on Facebook and Twitter in Ghana for Gays.

We also found out that special internet websites have been fully or partially designated for Gay and Lesbians relationship and activities in Ghana; such as Ghana Peep, Fbubs, Mingle2, LGBT Ghana etc.

Aside all these we found out that there are quite a number of places that Gays hangout in the country. In Accra we came across places such as, Rhapsody, Le Reve, Coconut Grove Hotel Salsa night, Chester’s Bar, Epo’s Spot, Bus Stop Pool Bar, Bywel Bar, The Office, Lizzie’s container whiles the La Beach, Topido Guest House, attracts a lot of Gays all in Accra published on a secret online gay Ghana community.

Our investigations also reveal that there are a number of well meaning people in the Ghanaian society that are in showbiz, politics, media etc that are gays or bisexuals but are hiding and being very discreet about their status.

Activities of Gays and lesbians are also flourishing on many university campuses such as University of Ghana, Cape Coast, KNUST, UDS, UPS, CUC, Valley View, Methodist University, Pentecost, and Presbyterian University etc.
The Senior High Schools in the country are also hot spots for some beginners and are places where most children adopt the nature of gay and lesbian relationships.

Gay and Lesbian relationships are frowned upon by Ghana’s customs. The Government was slammed by sections of the Ghanaian society for appointing human right activist, Nana Oye Lithur for the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. Many were of the view that Nana Oye Lithur was going to spear-head the legalization of homosexuality and protection of Lesbian relationships in Ghana.

Though Both the Gender Minister and the government have affirmed their positions on homosexuality and Lesbianism, in that the government says it will never legalise homosexuality, the Gender Minister has also explained that it is her duty only protect the rights of homosexuals and Lesbians in Ghana.

If the government is really willing and sure not to legalise and prevent further proliferation of homosexuality in Ghana, then we may as well have lost it if the nation’s public places have now become hide outs for people seeking to exercise their SICK rights and influence other people in homosexuality.


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