Monday, 21 January 2013

jon germaine endorses yvonne okoro

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jon and yvonne
It is always difficult for a celebrity to stick their neck out to publicly endorse the brand of a fellow celebrity. 
However top Ghanaian musician & presenter, Jon Germaine dammed the consequences when he publicly endorsed the acting prowess of popular actress Yvonne Okoro, stressing that she is one of the few natural actors Ghana has produced. “You can really act,” Jon told Yvonne Okoro when the beautiful actress appeared on Jon’s Allo TiGo celebrity programme on Metro TV last Saturday.

“I rang a friend of mine and apparently she had a movie that you were in. I don’t know the name of the title, I’m sorry about that.  And she said ok, we can watch it together. So I watched you play that character and it blew me away. I have known you for a very long time and …bad on my part I haven’t really have the time to watch you really in a movie. But that role totally blew me away. You can really act. You can really act. You know, it is great to watch a movie and see somebody play a character and sometimes you want to go like aaah are we watching a movie or it’s real? And that is the best part. She is really really good at what she does and I think she is going to go far. You really really will go far,” he told Yvonne and thousands of TV viewers who watched the show on Saturday from 7pm. Yvonne was left with no choice but to keep saying, “Thank you.” Both Yvonne and Jon had an interesting interview. They spoke at length about career and personal lifestyle.

She told him she liked to cook and even made a promise to cook for him one day. That was after he made her run him through how Jollof rice is prepared. Meanwhile controversial rapper, Kwaw Kese, has also popped up on Jon Germain’s show for the first time after their reported fight.

It is unclear how their fight started but they have publicly not been good friends for some time.
Kwaw even jabbed Jon in one of his songs after Jon was reported to have made some comments about him in the media.



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