Saturday, 1 December 2012

i might act crazy but not heartless – terry g

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terry g
The news that Terry G was involved in a hit and run incident last Friday night and subsequently declared wanted by the Nigeria Police has been debunked by the singer/producer himself.

According to his Facebook status update,”I was at club Royale with friends having fun. when it was time for me to leave I was escorted by 2 bouncers of d club to my car, yes some guys try (sic) 2 mop (sic) me while I was leaving which is normal, I got in 2 my car peacefully and drove out after couple of snaps with my fans I never received any call from the police inviting me for a hit and run case and i have no reason to run been Godly or notorious, I am a known face so what sense does it make hitting someone and running. I might act crazy but not heartless.”


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