Monday, 3 September 2012

who owns the song "seke", double or dr. slim?

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One of the most creative and catchy songs Ghana has ever had titled SEKE, which was released some few months ago has been making waves since the first day it was delivered.

This song SEKE is said to be owned by one of Ghanaian best music group ‘DOUBLE’ which consists of these two creative guys Paa Kwesi and Nana Yaw, who will be performing this Saturday 8th September 2o12 at the Urban229 Fever in Benin.

According to the promoting of this new song SEKE and it’s air play, the song is now said to be owned by Dr. Slim whom according to an interview with some few sources, explained to us the real composer and owner of the song is DOUBLE.

According to the information we have here,which says Dr Slim was just a feature on the song and this is vividly shown by him doing just thirty-two (32) seconds rap on it.. Well, if the song is truly his, why will he be given just 32 seconds rap to do on it.. i think this is questionable.

Another source also indicates and also said, the song had a creative chorus which goes like SEKE, which means MADNESS, and this chorus was done and was also created by them, by these two guys Paa Kwesi and Nana Yaw some months ago before the release of the song so by then, if Dr. Slim is now saying the song is his, they have doubts unless maybe, they sold that chorus to him.

Our team later tried to find out the truth of this story from these DOUBLE guys to have their say about the song but DOUBLE later told Bossu Kule that,they think keeping quite on this issue will be the best and they do not want to say anything relating to the song anymore cos of the way they are being respected in the music field and in order not to let people think they want a hype or anything relating to that, they will just remain silent on it.

Well they say actions speaks louder than words and their actions on their social pages recently shows that Dr. Slim is just trying to take away what does not belong to him and this is really making them sick in the head….
One witness who was at the studio during their session of the song told us that, They did the song and told Dr. Slim to work on a certain part for them so they just don’t understand why he thinks and saying the song is fully his which he knows very well it isn’t true.

Well,  my team and I was able to gathered some information which also tracks down another version of the song SEKE which has Dr. Slim on..
I don’t know if  this is the real song they did but i guess Dr. Slim was just a feature on the other tape and to prove things well for every one to believe. I posted the link here for you all to download and listen to the song and leave your comments.

You can all listen to the song and download it here and listen carefully if  the song is really Dr. Slims own or DOUBLE…. You can leave your comments here too.

Well, we are just hoping these guys will take things in a nice way and settle this thing peacefully.
Well Dr. Slim and DOUBLE, you guys should not get mad because we posted it on our site okay. You know if we don’t do that this news will keep on spreading like a virus so its better to let your loyal fans know the truth about this whole thing for you guys to also prove yourselves in this story.
My team and I will give you more info and updates until we find out the real owner of this song..
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