Tuesday, 18 September 2012

two workers die @ a chinese factory pool

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This suspicious incident happened at an undisclosed Chinese Factory in Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria just last week.

According to the email dated Sept 15 from a man (name withheld), we learnt the workers who worked at the Chinese company had a sleep over.

Their concerned family members couldn’t determine their where about until the following evening when they found their dead bodies inside a swimming pool at the company with blood gushing out of their mouth,nostrils and ears.

More excerpt from the email below:

To my best of knowledge (i lost a brother to the pool, i.e got drowned). When a human drowns blood does not come out from those places, what we suspect is foul play, perhaps they must have seen or heard something they were not supposed to see or hear, or perhaps the company is into shady deals.

Please I would like to let the country know about the ills of most of these companies, we know they have strong backups, more so this is just one case we know, the next may be someone close to you.


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