Tuesday, 28 August 2012

hot sex at nungua beach at night

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This beach lies along the coast of the stretch of the road that links the Teshie/Nungua road, and by extension some communities in the Spintex area in the suburbs of Accra.

Tranquility is a major factor why people visit this open beach, but recently too, sex trade is getting a boom around the beach. Girls from Teshie/Nungua, Community 17 and 18 and Tema now hang around the area at night.

Guys who are in the area now visit the place in the night to pick these ladies, then go to have sex with them by the beach side either in their cars or on the sandy beach line. And we hear that some top celebrities do come there disguised.

Some small shanties are also springing up on the beach, where the guys and their babes can have a ‘quickie’.

For some of the guys who patronize this beach, they believe that it is relatively cheaper to have sex there.

All it requires for them to have a quick sex is just to take a drive down the Tema Harbour road in the evening, and their quest will be gratified.

Another interesting thing about this beach is that there is a little or no traces of security threats around the place.



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