Saturday, 26 May 2012

will bigbrother punish Keitta, Edith, Wati and Keagan for smoking?

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keitta, edith and wati
Keitta, Edith, Wati and Keagan acted like naughty school children last night as they all smoked and drank in the bathroom again.

They must be aware that Big Brother is watching them, even in the bathroom... We know it's Winter outside but wouldn't they rather brave the cold for a few minutes than risk punishment?

Big Brother will no doubt punish them, but what kind of punishment do you think they'll get?

Will it be as funny as Seydou's? Yesterday, Seydou, Barbz and Maneta were punished by having to literally search for a needle in the haystack...

So being daredevils is rather entertaining - thank you Housemates for providing us with some laughs and giggles.



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