Thursday, 10 May 2012

keitta osei rejects zainab’s kiss

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Ghanaian housemate Keitta is determined to remain faithful to his partner in the Big Brother house and girlfriend Mildred (Eazzy) but the 22 year old model is not finding things easy at all.

The other female housemates, especially Zainab from Sierra Leone, has said openly that she will make sure she separates Keitta and Mildred, the only couple in the whole Big Brother STARGAME.

This morning, Zainab launched her first attack on Keitta in what looked like a well-rehearsed scene in the kitchen whiles they were preparing breakfast in the DOWNVILLE. Zainab came from nowhere and strangely; Tanzanian housemate Hilda asked Zainab to give her a kiss which Zainab gladly did and after that she looked straight at Keitta and said “Hey, I have been kissing people do you want to kiss me too”?

Keitta didn’t hesitate at all and walked toward Zainab (obviously feeling horny) with the other housemates looking on hoping that perhaps Keitta will break his promise to his lover Mildred, who was somewhere around the corner. Keitta gave his cheeks and asked her to plant her kiss on both cheeks but Zainab who clearly had an agenda, refused to kiss his cheeks and insisted she wants to kiss his lips.

When Zainab realized that Keitta wouldn’t kowtow to her demand, she raised her hands and showed her ring to Keitta saying “Look at this I am also a married woman.” Other housemates seated around the kitchen asked tempting Zaineb to leave the “Ghana man” alone. “True Ghana man go to the room its fine don’t mind her” a housemates said in the background.

Even though there was eventually no kiss, Zainab didn’t give up. She threw her hands around Keitta’s neck and said “Please leave my Ghana man alone he is my bored”. She went on and on until Keitta finally walked away.

From the look of things, Zainab who has openly told Biggie in the diary room and the whole of Africa that she is going to separate them, is really determined to achieve her aim.

"...they are always together all over the place,” she told Big Brother.

"Kiss my lips or no kiss"- Zainab insists But how long can calm and collected Keitta overcome such persistent temptation from no other than sexy and carefree model, Zainab, who will go to every extent to win the $300,00 because this is the first time her country Sierra Leone is participating in the all Africa game.

Zainab is a 26 year old model from Freetown; but she is now based in Istanbul, Turkey. She is the youngest of eight girls and four boys.

Her role models are Naomi Campbell and her mother –“both great women”. She says that her mom has had the greatest impact on her life because she is kind, practical and “the best person I have ever known”. She describes herself as fun-loving, awesome, nice, happy and honest and says her best traits are her personality and her ability to be honest no matter what the situation might be.

She says viewers should expect “fun, fun, fun” from her. “I’m the girl next door – a fun, sweet, nice girl,” she says. She entered Big Brother StarGame because everyone she knows pushed her to – plus she thinks it will be lots of fun.

She entered with partner Dalphin because they are best friends. “I chose her because of her personality – she is a fun-loving, kind-hearted and down-to-earth individual, and most of all, she has the potential to win!” she says.

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