Sunday, 22 April 2012

stepanie okereke and linus idahosa wedding photos

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stephanie and linus
One of Nollywood top actresses, Stephanie Okereke, has concluded arrangements to marry her heartthrob, Linus Idahosa,  in Paris, France. She has already travelled to the country to conclude arrangements for the event. Chinyere Okoye writes
Sunny-faced multiple award winning actress, Stephanie Okereke, will be getting married to her heartthrob, PR genius, Linus Idahosa, in far-away France, sharing vows in front of family, friends and colleagues. The ceremony, which undoubtedly is the most anticipated wedding in the country, will hold in a 17th century Parisian Castle reserved for royalties.

The new couple wish for guests to receive a unique kind of ‘touch’ from the experience. The wedding will be a private affair, celebrating the couple’s love, respect, admiration and appreciation for each other.
In a phone conversation with the actress last week, she said, "some people are looking for a way to sensationalize my marriage. They are looking for a story to write. Nothing happened to my relationship. Don't worry, I will definitely invite you to my wedding. Our relationship is still solid and unshakable".

She was once married to ex-footballer, Chikelue Iloanusi, a marriage which a high court in Lagos has declared null and void.

The judge told the actress who had gone to court to divorce Chikelue, that the marriage never existed, so she can't seek a divorce, only an annulment.

According to the judge, the marriage between Stephanie and Chikelue wasn't valid because at the time they got married, Chikelue was legally married to another woman in the US.

Okereke is one of the sensational actresses in Nollywood that moved up the ladder when she wrote and produced a movie, Through The Glass, which was premiered in different cinemas around the world.


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