Thursday, 29 May 2014

Baby Dumped In Public Toilet Survives

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A baby suspected to be just two days old has miraculously survived after being thrown into the toilet of a Junior High school at Garu Tempane in the Upper East Region, Holy Angels JHS.
The baby who was soaked in the maggot infested toilet with only her head afloat was rescued and sent to Presbyterian Hospital in the area.

The baby girl has now been transferred to the Presbyterian Hospital in Bawku for further treatment.
The Vice Principal for Catholic Vocational Institute in Garu Tempane, Emmanuel Asore Avoka who was an eyewitness and part of the rescue team told Citi News, “this is a very serious spiritual intervention.”

He narrated the incident saying, “if you were at the scene, you could how maggots had started eating some part of her; some part of her hair was off already. You could see that because the baby had been left there in the heat for long, her body had become reddish with maggots in her vagina, ear and some other openings. It was also obvious she was forced into the toilet because her right leg had dislocated from the knee.”

A school girl who was responsible for cleaning the toilet went in there to pour water in the pit to clean it, she heard the baby crying as the water poured on her head and rushed to report to the school authorities who in turn informed the police to rescue the baby.

Mr. Asore Avoka said this is not the first time a baby had been abandoned in the open in Garu, but this is the first time a baby had been found in a toilet.



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