Tuesday, 20 November 2012

"we don’t vave money" - actors guild president

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nii odoi mensah[actors guild president]
The National President of the Ghana Actors Guild (GAG), Mr Samuel Nii Odoi Mensah last Friday reiterated the need to consolidate the peace that Ghanaians have enjoyed as the country go to the polls on December 7 to elect its new leaders.

He said as actors, they don’t have money or diplomatic passports to enable them leave the country if there was fire in the upcoming elections.

“Unfortunately for us as actors, we don’t have diplomatic passports, we don’t have the money, we don’t have anywhere to go and so if Ghana is in fire, we will all die here.” He said.

Mr Odoi Mensah therefore called on politicians to accept the outcome of the December polls in good faith and not cause chaos so as to enable God to continue to shower his blessing on the nation.

“As actors, our job is to inform, entertain and educate. We are here to preach peace. I believe that most of you are Christians. The bible tells us that Jesus Christ came to the world, so we can make peace with God.”

He said the country can only continue to enjoy the peace that it’s enjoying if losers in the upcoming polls will concede defeat and congratulate the winners all in the interest of moving Ghana forward.
“Jesus preached peace throughout His life. He said when somebody slaps you, turn the other side for him to slap, it’s a sign of peace.”

He said “It is by divine intervention that December has been set aside for our elections. As Christians we believe that, December is a month set for all human beings to share and celebrate Christ.”

As the country go to the polls on December 7 polls to elect leaders of nation, the GAG appeals to all political leaders, supporters, citizens of the country that, “we have only one Ghana. Only one.”
“We believe that Ghana as everybody knows is a peace loving country. Let the rest of the world see that, we still love peace. Nobody is above the law in Ghana.

“I want to assure you that, it’s only God that chooses His leaders, so let’s just allow God to choose our leaders for us.”
“I want to plead on behalf of the Ghana Actors Guild that whoever wins the election. Let’s all accept the result in good faith so God will bless mother Ghana.”

Mr Odoi Mensah was speaking at the launch of the national peace song ‘Yenmoa’ by Obiba Sly Collins.



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